Vantaz – People Transforming Business

Vantaz is a global consulting company with over 18 years of experience working with clients from Large Corporations. 

We offer an integrated approach based on diverse technical and industry knowledge and functional experiences, providing concrete solutions specifically tailored for each customer’s requirements, supported by our team of over 100 qualified consultants in Australia, Chile and Peru. 

Beyond understanding the specific needs of our clients, Vantaz differentiates itself by a personal approach to business.  We value our people, and seek and employ individuals that will live the Vantaz Values on a day-to-day basis. We understand that living by the Vantaz Values will be fruitful for our employees, our clients and our company

The proof of our results is not in a framework or in our own words; it is in the strong relationship that we build with our satisfied clients – through Vantaz Values, our repeated results, and more importantly, our people. Vantaz is recognized by the employees as a great place to work, where people can develop their careers not only by delivering customer outcomes but also by enjoying the process and team experiences.

In our customer’s words

“The work carried out by Vantaz in the fields of survey and optimization of HR management processes, has a great methodological, analytical and proposal quality, characterized by the involvement of the Vantaz team in order to understand the organization, its systems, structures, and dynamics. They deliver us proposals aligned with our Company strategy as well as opportunities to improve the company management. The team always perform with professionalism and human quality, which facilitated the relationships and the technical aspects, as well as the products quality ” – Aldo Siri F, HR Director, Komatsu Cummins Chile Ltda. 

“The value of Vantaz lies in their dynamic and flexible team.  When compared to other consulting companies, Vantaz staff work together with us as a real partnership rather than the traditional consulting service offering.” – IT Manager, Tier 1 Mining Client, Queensland

“This exceptionally positive result is a resounding testimony of your outstanding personalities, hard work and commitment. We are very proud to be associated with you!!!” – Head of Governance, Tier 1 Mining Client, Queensland

“I am really happy with the approach we are taking with OCM and communication, and how it ties into the process of the project. The Vantaz Consultant is an integral member of our team here.” – Project Leader, Large Utility, Western Australia

“The Vantaz culture is clearly identified in everything they do: positive, flexible and committed. They make things happen in a very professional way, but you also enjoy and have fun in the process.“ – Manager, Tier 1 Mining Client, Western Australia

“I am very happy to say that the…activities…have been first class – it reiterates to me the importance of having quality people onboard.  It can often be a fine line between informing our customers and spamming them!  The OCM team has delivered timely, fresh and informative updates in a variety of ways.  Monthly newsletters, department sessions, President messages, …video… the message is clearly out there and the business is fully onboard.” – Head of IT, Tier 1 Mining Client, Queensland

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To strive to be the referral professional services company of choice for our customers.

Vision: To be able to leverage the knowledge and experience of our people and the unique Vantaz culture to solve customer problems in a sustainable way.

Our Values:

  • Best in what we do –  Intellectually and emotionally intelligent people leading and driving customer solutions while taking care of each other by understanding and interpreting each other’s needs and displaying empathy.
  • Integrity – Coherence between what a Vantaztico says and does.
  • Action Oriented – Proactive in delivering results in a consistent manner, triggering change and transformation.
  • Tenacity –  Persevere to deliver solutions on time, on budget, with high quality while at the same time balancing work and personal life in “Vantaz way”.
  • Flexibility – Discover the best way to achieve results, creating space for innovation and adapting their knowledge and experience to a special customer situation.
  • Professionalism – Balance emotions and feelings with rationalism – do the right thing for teams and customers.
  • Diversity – Embrace people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and gender as fundamental to achieving superior outcomes.
  • Sense of Humour – Strive to make a vibrant workplace, both at office and at customer locations.