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ICT technology renewal strategy and implementation (servers, storage, backup and virtualization)

Industry: Mining

Type of Engagement: project

Timeframe: 06/11 to 07/13

Value Range: >1m

Description of Engagement

Technology Renewal Project for infrastructure (servers, storage, backup solution and software for virtualization) and administration in various Assets and Operations of a global tier 1 mining company

A replacement solution was given to the tier 1 mining company in Chile for its infrastructure to meet mainly the following objectives:

  • To generate a low impact, scalable and high availability technological replacement for the currently operating infrastructure on its main sites.
  • To facilitate the standardization of its infrastructure in a global way at servers, storage and communications level.
  • To increase the levels of consolidation of its IT services. 
  • To reduce the administrative and operative costs (cooling, power, etc.).
  • To accelerate the activation of new services or the update of the existent ones.

The tier 1 mining company, in the search of improving its consolidation levels, was in the process of defining its computer centres. Initially the candidates were Base Metals in Santiago and all its 5 operational mine sites in Chile.

The solution presented was based in a unique architecture of private cloud called Secure Multitenancy (SMT) that was distributed on these computer centres and that allowed to accomplish the previous mentioned objectives.

The SMT architecture, in the same way that any resource sharing cloud platform, allows to group the storage, network and computing resources for multiple business units and/or environments to use this infrastructure. These different resources (tangible and virtual) can be assigned dynamically and relocated according to the clients’ demand. However, what emphasizes the SMT architecture is the assurance that each client/application will receive its proper SLA while its data, communication and environments are separated, protected and isolated from other clients/applications. Each client and/or application, with its computing, network and storage resources in a cloud, can present itself with a certain SLA. For eg, if multiple clients/applications requires a different level of SLA depending on the business or organizational model of the company, through the SMT, it can be assured the required SLA levels will be met as if they were physically dedicated systems, but in a more dynamic and efficient way.

For this proposal, Vantaz worked with certified channels of NetApp and partnered with a largest trajectory of this kind of products and solutions in Chile, as an integrator of the solution to the tier 1 mining company and the consolidation of the products, components and services at all associated sites of the tier 1 mining company in the national territory.

In addition, professional services were provided as part of the solution to assure compliance to the latest best implementation practices of all software components and its integration with different existing applications. In this way, the client obtained the guarantees of making profitable its investment and thoroughly accomplish the objectives.

On the other hand, various solution alternatives were presented in the design process that were later delivered as base of requirements to the participating brands with its available technologies.

Vantaz participated on the process of revision of the received proposals and analyzed the impact over the operations and its integration ability.

The brands that participated in the solution had certified resources such as NCIE (NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer) with high levels of experience in Datacenter, Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, Backup, and the integration of high technologies such as VMWare, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, among others. 

The architecture of the servers formed the detailed designed solution specifically to address the needs of the client around saving space and power supply, offering a larger density of servers, a remote and centralized management ability, a fast implementation and automated supply.

Applications were included to orchestrate or optimize the supply, backup, restore, and generation of environments processes, among others. In addition, processes like chargeback reports were automated. 

In conclusion, the additional functionalities provided in the backup area allowed:

  • The standardization of the provided services and the consolidation of its administration to make more efficient the use of the associated resources.
  • The automation of the contingency processes and Disaster Recovery.
  • The register and real time monitoring of all the events and operations that were done on the platform.
  • The detection of possible risk factors for the availability of resources.
  • Chargeback: The collection of real time information about the utilization of resources and separated by business units or application.

To improve the backup processes, applying the snapshot technology online allowed considerable improvements in time and the objective restoration points. We were able to generate more frequent and lower impact backups over the infrastructure. The backup strategy allowed decrease in the operational costs of these processes and a dramatic improvement from hours to minutes on the recovery time for most of the cases. 

Type of Deliverable

Vantaz has been involved from the design of the technical solution; through the construction of technical bases, support during the bidding process and allocation of the technology supplier; formation of a technical team and the direction during the implementation of the solution on each one of the 6 geographically distant sites.

Vantaz has supported the following Assets and its Operations during the process:

  • Copper Business HQ Santiago: Specifically in Datacenter GlobalCrossing.
  • Base Metals biggest operational mine: Corporate Building and Oxides.
  • Base Metals another 2 big operational mines: Specifically in Data Room of the Company

Among the deliverables defined are:

  • Design of technical solution for the technology renewal in servers, storage, backup solution and software for virtualization and administration.
  • Preparation of technical bases and support during the bidding process.
  • Management of the Project during all phases.
  • Validation of the detail engineering of the solution and workplans.
  • Supervision of the activities in field for each one of the Assets and its operations.
  • Management of change and facilitator during the handover of the new technology from the Local Services Provider.

Approach Taken

To help the client of this project, Vantaz supported the following stages:


  • Raising of the information related to the number of servers and the size of the storage data that would be renewed for each one of the Assets and its Operations.
  • Market analysis in function of new blade server technologies, storage, backup and virtualization and orchestration software.
  • Design of technical solution to incorporate on each Asset and its Operations.
  • Elaboration of Technical Bases for the 3rd party vendor technology provider bidding process.
  • Support during the process of revision of vendor technical offerings.
  • Elaboration of a Gantt Chart / project plan for all the project.
  • Identification of the stakeholders for each one of the Assets and its Operations.
  • Elaboration of strategy for implementation of the new technology from the Local Services Provider.


  • Presentation of the Project for each one of the Assets and it Operations (Kick-off).
  • Leadership of the team of specialist during the whole implementation process.
  • Management of technical reunion for the elaboration of detailed engineering and work plans.
  • Support during the accreditation team of specialists for each one of the Assets and its Operations.
  • Management of the change applications related to each stage of the project.
  • Logistics management of the dispatch of infrastructure from Santiago to each of the Asset and its operations.
  • Logistics management for flight tickets and stay for the team and for the specialists in each city.
  • Supervision on field during the ingress of infrastructure activities to the different Data Rooms and its implementation.
  • Management of the high availability test over the installed and authorized infrastructure components.
  • Coordination of training sessions on the use and administration of the new infrastructure for managers from the Local Services Provider.
  • Management during the elaboration of Documentation As Built from the specialists team and from the validator of the documents.


  • Management of meetings of closing with client and sales representatives of the Local Services Provider for each Asset and its Operations.
  • Delivery of Closing Documentation outlining detailed responsibilities of each Asset and its Operations (including LSP)
  • Management of corrections and observations for each Asset and its operations on the Closing Documentation.
  • Signing of the Closing Minute by each responsible of Asset and its Operations and representatives of the Local Services Provider.

Management of the Project:

  • Inspection and monitoring of commitments and progress on activities according to the Gantt Chart of the project.
  • Management of Risks and Issues during the project.
  • Elaboration of a Progress Report to client on a weekly basis.
  • Communications Management of the Project.
Pedro Gómez

Pedro Gómez

Partner / Project Director