Vantaz today and tomorrow

What has become of Vantaz? In recent years we have not only grown, but we have also reached an organizational maturity that allows us to project the Vantaz of the future.

25 years ago we founded the Vantaz Group consulting firm, with the objective of advising Chilean industries in an efficient and innovative way. In the last decade we took a turn, and decided to focus only on the mining industry. This led us to further professionalize our services and to look at new markets, opening offices in Australia and Peru.

Today we are five partners and almost three hundred "vantázticos", and we are preparing to take a new step; to accompany large mining companies in their transformation processes in different areas, and to continue growing as a specialized consulting firm.

We have come a long way, full of challenges and opportunities. The Coronavirus pandemic was a severe blow to many economic sectors. No one came out of this pandemic unscathed, but while positive balances are scarce, we can proudly say that our passage through this difficult period was one of learning and growth, and that today allows us to look to the future with optimism.

​​How did we do it? Effort, dedication, commitment and teamwork are our core values. We are in an industry whose culture and constant requirements, pushed us to adapt to new requirements such as safety and health, but above all, to operate remotely.

We had the flexibility and managed to ride this new wave, and at the same time, permeate our work with the values that define us as a human group; a way of being and doing that differentiates us and makes us unique in the market. What we humbly but proudly call our “Vantaztic Seal”.

Today our work is defined by three lines of consulting: technology, sustainability and productivity. Regarding the first one, the industry was undergoing a very strong transformation effort, since technology enables the future and allows us to adapt to change or to major threats such as a pandemic.

Another line we have been developing is sustainability. A large and well-consolidated team works on diverse issues such as communities, environment and safety. The productivity area, linked to another smaller line called change management, is also growing and developing new business opportunities.

Those who know us know that our way forward is based first and foremost on our people; on each of the "Vantázticos and Vantázticas" that make up this great team, and on how we make things happen, which is our hallmark.

In recent years we have not only grown, but we have also reached an organizational maturity that today allows us to project Vantaz into the future, with the firm intention of continuing to advance, but always hand in hand with our values and culture.

Today we are happy to share with you that we have a positive balance of our work over time. We invite you to keep in touch, to meet again and to continue being "Vantázticos" !