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Maximising Value from Corporate BAU Systems: The Medgate example

System implementations are all around the place nowadays. For every task that is required on a company, no matter how simple or specific it may be, there is a software to support it, and companies implementing them. Access control systems, ERPs, cloud-based solutions, production planners, just to name a few, are all part of the alternatives available in the market.

From our experience throughout 15 years of work with companies from different industries, we know how implementation projects are: time and resource consuming, exhausting, etc. But, how rewarding are they in the long run? Do companies really achieve what they were set to after using the system for some time?

We have seen several examples of resources going to waste, simply because staff changes leave companies with no one who was involved on the implementation project, and all the knowledge about the system, why it’s important and what it was meant to do is lost in the process, resulting in a low degree of use of the system capabilities, sometimes even just as data repositories. On the long run, it may even result in the company acquiring a new piece of software to do the same, with all the resource-consumption it involves.

That’s just one of the many reasons why, in most cases, software is used to an average of 20%-30% of their actual potential and functions duplicity across different systems is so common to companies of any sector.

So, what the end-user areas should analyse is, why getting a new software when they already have one that is capable of doing what they need? Why not better have a look at the existing system capabilities and get the most benefit out of it? That’s what Vantaz has been assisting companies to do in the last years, and the best example of it is Medgate.

In Vantaz, we strongly believe that sustainability is a key element of success for all organisations. Being able to effectively manage your employees’ data in terms of health, hygiene and safety is a key priority for resource intensive companies. However, it is not without its own challenges. In our search to constantly offer the best solutions to customers, we’ve stablished a partnership with Medgate, world-class provider of integrated solutions to manage OH&S data and processes. Through this alliance, Vantaz is one of Medgate preferred implementation partners since 2013. But it’s not all about implementations: we’ve also been supporting our clients in getting full potential out of it.

The work we do with companies that are already using Medgate for a year or more, is focused in:

  1. Standardising Medgate across operations / sites including user interfaces and hosting mechanisms, improving system integration and ease of use
  2. Conducting change management to bring end users up to speed – including extensive training, communication and risk management, improving system consumption
  3. Eliminating design/process gaps in current implementation leading to productivity gains and improving system governance
  4. Providing cost effect post implementation support

Our experiences with Tier 1 mining organisations has been excellent in quantifying improvement gains by customising some key process overhead and providing “cheat sheet” training. Some client results obtained include:

  1. Reduced reports generation times in around 80%
  2. Reduced data entry times in around 50%
  3. Implemented import of laboratory results
  4. Automated processes through Business Rules

All this along the generation of customised User Guides to match the client’s processes, allowing for training of new personnel that needs to interact with the system, making it sustainable in time.

So, in this restrictive times, reviewing existing capabilities and investing just a little to improve them can definitely save some time and resources and improve your company’s efficiency. Why not give it a try?