We deliver enabling solutions for

Information Technology strategic and operational advisory

A. Developing IT strategies, IT architecture and design that is cost-effective and enhances corporate technology blueprint.

B. Diagnosing, assessing and reporting on the effectiveness of IT processes and systems with the goal of streamlining IT systems, reducing costs, improving governance and maximising IT platform investments.

Our IT advisory team focuses on understanding the current and future state of IT service within an organisation and conducting gap analysis together with concrete recommendations to bridge the gaps. The key projects we have experience is in

  • redesigning the IT operating model,
  • redesigning IT organisation structure including team KPIs and KPTs,
  • IT cost reduction exercise by analysing the Gartner bucket spent and rationalising investments,
  • IT vendor contract value leakage analysis and recommendations on contract changes to save costs
  • IT process streamlining based in ITIL and
  • IT system rationalisation to make the IT environment simple and agile and ensuring all IT systems address specific unique business needs.
Pedro Gómez

Pedro Gómez

Partner / Project Director