What is Vantaz looking for in potential candidates?

We look for people with the necessary qualifications, sufficient experience, the appropriate temperament and adequate aptitude to successfully perform the required role in Vantaz. Some of the important elements for us are:

  • Personal and team integrity
  • Individual openness to learn
  • Good Communication skills and open to participation
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • Action-oriented attitude
  • Support Knowledge Sharing within the company and with clients
  • Flexibility
  • Encourage a Collaborative Approach
  • Experience in consulting
  • Business and Technical Qualifications as required for our projects

Benefits of joining Vantaz

  • Participate in a cohesive and collaborative culture in which we are able to support each other in life and  work experiences.
  • Work with teams that share knowledge and experience globally and remotely.
  • Formalised feedback loops that help our employees work on their challenges and grow in the direction they are looking for within the company.
  • We strongly support Work life balance
  • Competitive market salary levels
  • Potential for global mobility

Recruitment process

Finding the right staff is crucial to our company and our clients. We have in place a fair and effective recruitment procedure that allows us to match the ideal candidate with a job vacancy.

This requires careful planning and consideration which we document at every stage.

  1. Present your details (Resume) to our company (fill in form here)
  2. First round of interviews with manager in charge of business opportunity
  3. Second round of interviews with local partners
  4. Depending on the role the candidate can be required to respond to some personality/capability test.

References will be checked, they enable us to obtain an extra opinion on the applicant’s suitability from someone who already has previous experience of them in the employment field.

Consultants development cycle

  • All members that join our organisation have an induction period.
  • During each project they have a set of goals to monitor and their team leader has the responsibility to provide with the adequate support so that the consultant can improve where there are opportunities.
  • Periodic feedback is given.
  • Consultants can grow internally within the different roles and positions in the company, its based on their performance and the opportunities Vantaz can offer.

Current opportunities to work with us

We currently don’t have opportunities listed but please send us your resume and we will consider it for future projects.

  • All information provided will be confidential and may only be used for selection purposes.