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Corporate Social Responsibility in Vantaz


  • We encourage Social Responsibility in Vantaz as an integrated way of incorporating its economic, social and environmental impact. Vantaz wants to create joint value for the company and for the employees, as well for their family, groups of interest and society in general


  • Our main objective is to create actions that will promote the development of a mutual win between company and society. Donating with a meaning.
  • We are targeting our activities towards social actions, environment and business integrity.
  • We understand that it is a challenge to be embraced by the company and our employees, we want to act accordingly every day.

What does it mean to us?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a business vision, requiered for the sustainability and competitiviness of the company. It integrates in a balanced way economic development with respect for ethical values, people, community and environment as an integrated value chain.

In Vantaz we are aware that we are not alone, and out there is a whole world that we fit in just as a small part of a bigger picture. Every day we see situations that we can change and some we can’t although we would love to. That is why our Corporate Social Responsibility team guides us on how we can best contribute with those people that need us. We might not change the world but we try to make a difference! This is what our culture is all about, making it a better place for us to live and work in.

Our Team, hard at work

In Vantaz we are a team that is always very active, sometimes we are at our clients offices, others on site, and others travelling to different parts of the country or world…we are always doing what we like and learning every day from these different experiences!! However we know that we can lose our connections and to feel part of a team. This is why we get together every month in some sort of activity to chat, catch up, have some good time as friends and colleagues. We also have formal meetings where we learn from different projects that other teams are developing and presenting.

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Extended Community

Extended Community

Our goal here is to help the community in which we live or work.
Examples: social support, donations.

Direct Community

Direct Community

Our goal here is to help immediate community to be part of Vantaz. Such as family of Vantaz employees.

Vantaz Employees

Vantaz Employees

Our goal here is that each one of our employees enjoys their work and have an adequate balance with their lives. We want to create a fair place to work and with a collaborative culture.


  • Our rituals
  • Annual get together event “Vantazticazo”
  • Initiation
  • Celebrate Christmas
  • National day


  • Pro bonus (public support)
  • Social support
  • Donations
  • Poverty



  • Energy efficiency
  • Clasification of residuals for recycling
  • Cleanness
  • Education to the community


  • Campaign to classify residuals
  • Cleaning campaign at the beach and public areas
  • Education about recycling for Vantaz families



  • Compliance of our offer
  • Policies anticorruption
  • Business ethics
  • Win-win relationships with clients and employees
  • Relation ships with suppliers