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Business process review, redesign and standardisation to improve efficiency and productivity

Industry: Mining

Type of Engagement: project

Timeframe: Nov 2012 to Dic 2013

Value Range: >1m

Description of Engagement

A tier 1 mining company with an open-pit mine located in the city of Salamanca produces copper and is existent since December 1999. This tier 1 mining company is one of the top 5 richest mine of the world due to its ore reserves of 2,100 million tons. Its proximity to the Andean peaks has forced the construction of impressive engineering work – a 1.3 km conveyor belt that connects the extraction zone – located 3,100 m above sea level – with the processing area located at 1,620 m above sea level.

Due to diverse and repetitive operational gaps, the company has changed all the Managing Team and is looking forward to a new business management based on processes and standards.

However, it is unknown if the processes are formalized and there are doubts about the efficiency, productivity and its level of standardization.

In addition, the level of alignment and integration between the different stakeholders is not clearly defined in relation to processes from beginning to end.

Therefore, Vantaz is contracted to carry out a revision that allows to generate:

  • A policy containing an integrated vision of the processes
  • Line up processes in corporate functions that supports the business’ goals
  • A combination of standards that allows just one mode of operation, independent from people
  • Detection of chances of optimization using base lines and quantification of gaps

The following were established as priorities during the revision of the processes in two phases of the project:


  • Finance
  • Supply
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies


  • Sustaining CAPEX
  • Safety and Health
  • Community Management
  • Environment


       Based on the previous, Vantaz defined as the main objective:

“To support this tier 1 mining company in the formulation and construction of a new integrated model of processes (BPR) that allows improvement on the efficiency levels in a context of more operational complexity”.

      Specifically this implies to work towards:

  • Generating an integrated vision of a process lined up to the business’ strategic objectives with the purpose of supporting the accomplishment of goals.
  • Knowing and analyzing the current situation of the relevant processes to establish a base line, identifying the gaps in the current practices.
  • Developing and preparing a redesign and transformation plan that allows to implement “one” mode of operation including the best industry experiences to bring the disparate functions in this tier 1 mining company together.

Type of Deliverable

The main deliverables were: the base line of processes, the description of the redesigned processes and its implementation strategy – with its progress reports delivered to the Steering Committee-.

  • Project Charter: workplans, team and roles, critical factors, project management, project expectations.
  • Base line for process (current situation):
    • Existing documentation reviews
    • Description of the current process
    • Comparison with the industry standards
    • Main gaps against benchmarks
  • Business Process Details (documents for each process):
  1. Reach and Definitions of the Process
      • Reach
      • Objective
      • Definitions
      • Global architecture of the processes

2.  Business Process: Hiring of Services

      • Methodology
      • Subprocess
      • Tasks
      • Activities
      • Rules of the business
      • KPI

3. Interaction with other Business Processes

      • Participating Roles and Areas
      • Points of Interaction Matrix

4. Other Key Points of the Process

      • Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits
      • Risks Matrix
  • Implementation Strategy:
    • Implementation of KPI´s
    • Measures Identified / Stakeholders engaged
    • Initial Measures
    • Reports and Suggestions
    • Alignment and coaching required
    • Strategy and Execution of the Communication Plan: specific media, mass media, others. Content management and media coordination.

Approach Taken

To meet the project objectives and client expectations, Vantaz delivered at different stages, the following:

Set Up Stage:

Organization of the Project and high acceptance level from the organization to commit to the objectives to achieve:

  • Definition of the vision and charter of the Project
  • Formation of a champion team for each process
  • Education in the redesign of processes and base lines measuring.
  • Organisational Change Plan

Business Redesign Stage:

Apply the Business Process Redesign to initiate the tasks on each process of the business:

  • Establishment of base lines of performance of the processes
  • Characterization of the current situation of the processes
  • Definition of a future model
  • Establishment of gaps
  • Identification – prioritization of improvements and standards to develop

Implementation Stage:

Developing specific applications that improve the practices, technologies, and the organization of the areas of the tier 1 mining company to install the new processes:

  • Changes in the organisational model (roles and responsibilities)
  • Development of manuals of new processes
  • Change in reports, flows of information and evaluation of technological support tools (ERP, Workflow, others.)
  • Implementation of changes in the organization
  • Education in the new processes
  • PMO to introduce improvements in the supply
  • Support in the implementation of contract module
  • Presentations to the executive team

Business Change Management Services (During all Project Stages):

  • Development of the impact analysis
  • Development of the communication plan (newsletters, banners, massive emails, workshops, merchandising of the project, etc.)
  • Developing coaching for key stakeholders of the project
  • Participate in programming training activities
  • Accompany the implementation by supporting the stakeholders’ empowerment with the new mode of operation
  • Monitor the development of the Project with focus on conduct and psychology
  • Develop an institutionalisation change plan
  • Execute the institutionalisation change
Juan Cariamo

Juan Cariamo