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Multiple Enterprise IT project implementations at Business and Operations levels

Industry: Mining

Type of Engagement: project

Timeframe: 01/12 – 06/14

Value Range: >1m

Description of Engagement

Multiple IT Enterprise project implementation at all Assets/Operations of Copper and Coal Business Units. The involvement scaled implementation of Enterprise IT initiatives such as 1Desktop (Phases 1 and 2), 1Voice, IM Service Improvement IMSI (Releases 1 and 2) and PCN segregation redesign and OT implementation at various Copper Assets. This section will elaborate only on the 1Desktop initiative where we will cover phases 1 and 2 as well as the removal of XP from the Industrial Network 

Type of Deliverable

Vantaz has been involved in the implementation of 1Desktop across multiple Businesses, right from phase 1 (80% mass migration) to completing the remaining 20% asset specific migrations. We helped build the local CMDB by providing data gathering, analysis and validation support, conducted local/business change management, risk assessed each application to have a remediation plan for them (whether they will remain, get decommissioned or upgraded), executed application remediation in conjunction with vendors (architecture, licensing, procurement, integration and deployment), conducted all local application and deployment testing (UAT and SRT), walkthrough with Business to understand and endorse the new 1Desktop processes, end-to-end LSP management including commercial impacts, commissioning and service readiness, cutover support and user training.

Vantaz supported the following Assets and its operations in the process:

Copper Business HQ Santiago (2013-14)

Large Chilean Open Pit Copper Operations (2011-14)

Large Ag/Zn/Pb Business including all operations (2013 – 14)

Another large Chilean Copper Operations (2011-2012)

Having completed the entire Enterprise PC fleet, Vantaz was engaged by multiple businesses in Copper, Uranium, Silver/Lead/Zinc, Manganese and Coal Businesses in Australia and South America to further help them convert their PCN (process control network) systems to a standardised Win 7 SOE including all application/PLC upgrades required. PCN includes production and safety critical systems within Industrial Network with zero downtime requirements. Though we were meant to convert the XP fleet to make them standard Win 7, it turned out that the PCN segregation blueprint in a lot of these operations were not meeting the GLD standards. Hence Vantaz ended up running projects to remediate the segregation compliance gaps. Vantaz conducted analysis, design and implementation to segregate the PCN and Business (Enterprise) networks to make the Industrial Network secure, fit for purpose and compliant to GLD. However, we are not explaining those processes under this section.

To standardise the PCN fleets, Vantaz followed a risk based approach to streamline the application landscape in PCN network followed by remediating the XP environment and all associated applications. We follow the standard Discover, Transition and Transformation model with continuous change management from IS and Business perspectives – key to staged delivery of the project. Our key differentiation was to provide trusted partnership to clients to identify gaps and raise flags early, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring smoother delivery since there were zero downtime mandate.

Vantaz supported the following Assets and its operations in the process:

A large Silver/Lead/Zinc mine in Queensland (Australia) and all its operations and Port (2014)

The largest Copper mine in Chile (2012)

All the 8 operations of the biggest Coal enterprise in Queensland (Australia) including Port (2015)

A large Manganese Australia Business with operations in Northern Territory and Tasmania (project management – 2015)

Approach Taken

To help the client in 1Desktop phases 1 and 2, Vantaz delivered the following at different project stages:


  • Extensive data gathering to understand the PC landscape within the organisation including CMDB clean up to ensure the data discovered is loaded into CMDB
  • Applications data gathering to ensure every PC has a deployment plan based on the applications they are running and whether they are right candidates for 1Desktop. eg client/server architecture, licensing etc
  • Extensive risk assessment process was followed for each application to spring clean legacy applications with no concrete business case
  • User machine to application information mapping, compilation and validation activities
  • Different deployment strategies depending on sites; for example: physical distances, criticality of apps etc
  • Training for Deployment Engineers related to procedures and performance on the fields.
  • Weekly and monthly development of Deploy approach and execution plan relative to a baseline
  • OCM approach, key process trainings, communication, other artefact preparation including awareness videos, posters etc, presentation and implementation


  • Direct contact with users to schedule their migration confirming date and time.
  • Administration of 1Desktop computer equipment factory aimed to provide enough computer equipment in a weekly basis to Deployment Engineers.
  • Information management generated during the project, high volume of data that comprises old and removed computer equipment and new equipment delivered with its own associated documentation.
  • Conflict management and resolution on field
  • Follow-up and execution of activities contained in communication plan and 1Desktop OCM.
  • Daily reporting, progress monitoring, risk and issues management as a result of project execution.


  • For each asset, corresponding documentation and execution plans
  • 100% effectiveness in achieving the Base Line was delivered
  • Debrief customer survey and benchmarking within Copper Assets provided

To help the clients in the PCN standardisation project, Vantaz provided:

Business Analysis

  • Identify business needs at Operations level and governing principles (network design, ADOU/GPOs, Internet options, Remote access etc)
  • Scope the segregation and remediation actions to align to business needs

Program Management               

  • PMO set up for large programs of work
  • Business and Technical Change management and risk assessments
  • Standard project plan, tracking and status reporting (including daily deployment tracking, weekly status and fortnightly steer co.)
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Budget control
  • Risk issues assumptions and dependency logs
  • Vendor / 3rd party liaison, procurement, stakeholder management and RACI development
  • Ensuring all PCN applications and Standard SOE are packaged and tested by the third party vendor and ready for deployment
  • Ensuring that the Service Now tool is updated with the latest CI changes as part of the project
  • Commercial contract impact assessment and negotiations
  • Recruitment and team management
  • QA of key design elements recommended by technology partners
  • Project control – resource induction, travel, logistics arrangement, procurement planning
  • Ensure all the site specific requirements (RAs, Business Change sign off etc) were fulfilled before deployment, including sign off from IS and Operations Site focal points of contact

Business Change Management

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Local change impact assessments and completing follow up actions
  • Communication and training plan and implementation
  • Business engagement to embed change in close collaboration with Operations
Mayank Bhutoria

Mayank Bhutoria

Senior Manager