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Organisation structure design and Change Management plan

Industry: Mining

Type of Engagement: project

Timeframe: 12/12 – 03/13

Value Range: <250k

Description of Engagement

Advise the Executive Team of tier 1 mining company in the design of an organizational structure that allows them full deployment of its business strategy, promote high performance, and prepare the company for eventual expansions

  1. Develop together with the executive team of tier 1 mining company, an analysis of current and expected behavior of the Organizational Structure of the Operations, Projects, HR and Financial areas
  2. Propose and document different organizational model alternatives to reduce the gaps identified in the realization of potential business growth

Type of Deliverable

3 deliverables were developed for this project:

  • Current situation of the Organizational Structure: Based on Strategies and Business Model, Organizational Structure and current head count, Process Model, Incentive System, Analysis of Executive skills and Elements of Climate / Culture / Identity
  • Future Organizational Structure, recommendations and risks: Based on construction of scenarios, identification and development of improvement opportunities, definition of work plans and risk analysis of every proposal
  • Organizational Transformation Plan: The Transformation Plan focused its efforts on the following activities
    Impact Analysis
    – Evaluation of organizational priorities (Settlement of milestones)
    – Evaluation of positions / roles and their implications
    – Internal analysis of potential candidates (match with current organization)
    – Analysis of new jobs generated
  • Change Management Plan
    – Define objectives and success factors
    – Define audiences
    – Define communication channels
    – Establish communication content (Identify Key Messages)
    – Define KPI Communications
    – Develop Communication Plan for audiences

Approach Taken

To help the client in this project, Vantaz delivered the following at different project stages:

Understanding of the current business situation (Strategically, Operational and Organization)
– Manager Interviews
– Analysis of the Management Model, strategy, performance processes, climate, culture, communication and others
Development of the Organizational Structure
– Gaps Analysis
– Hypothesis definitions and alternatives development
– Validation and detailed design of the alternatives
Transformation Plan
– Transformation Strategy
– Organizational Change Plan

Juan Cariamo

Juan Cariamo