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Technical (ICT) advisory for Underground Mine Engineering

Industry: Mining

Type of Engagement: project

Timeframe: September 2012 to December 2012

Value Range: <500k

Description of Engagement

Technical advisory for engineering (class 4) of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company’s Mine Underground Project, for the TICA Specialty (Information Technology, Communications and Automation).

The biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company’s Mine Underground Project, is a strategic and structural project that represents an important part of their future – the transformation of the world’s largest open pit mine into a giant underground operation.

The main objectives of our technical advisory, were:

  • Evaluate the design strategy of TICA architecture, proposed by the Project Vicepresident (Hub) of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company, to cover the needs of Mine Underground Project.
  • Establish a framework of TICA architecture with the improvements identified in both information systems and business processes not yet considered.
  • Establish a plan for implementation of the different components of the TICA architecture.
  • Establish a management model for the TICA Department of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company, which allows for a smooth take-over of the services delivered by the project, both during construction, early works and the operational phase.
  • Estimate the investment budget (CAPEX) and operating (OPEX) that should be considered by the project to cover their TICA needs.

Type of Deliverable

Methodological approach:

The technical advisory was developed according to the following methodological approach:

  1. Collection of Information (Input):
  • Considers all components of TICA architecture proposed by Project Vicepresident (Hub) of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company in different design areas – strategic and engineering.
  • Business model guidelines.
  • Requirements of systems, platforms and TICA services.
  1. Analysis:

Based on business requirements, different perspectives of analysis (based on market standards) were to be applied:

  • Business process coverage (IEEE 830)
  • ISA 95 / MES – ISA 99
  • MURA
  • Redundancy (High Availability)
  • Virtualization
  • And others
  1. TICA Assessment:

As result a structured according to the following TICA architecture topics:

  • Requirement
  • Industrial System
  • Infrastructure (Datacenter, Server, etc.)
  • Telecommunications (Networking, radio communications, etc.)

The main deliverables were:

  1. Assessments in the following technological topics:
    • Technological business requirements
    • Industrial Systems
    • Infrastructure
    • Telecomunications
  2. Technical Reports.
  3. Architecture Design.
  4. Management Framework.
  5. Implementation Roadmap.

Approach Taken

The technical advisory was developed in three distinct stages, which gave comprehensive coverage to the project scope according to the expectations of the stakeholders:

  1. Initial Survey: Conduct an initial survey considering the documentation developed so far by the various players in the “mine underground project”. Vantaz conducted workshops in order to facilitate information gathering and to get time to establish trust.

This phase included:

  • Framework reference definition (design patterns)
  • Documentation analysis
  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Assessments

TICA analysis topics:

  1. TICA Architecture definition: Establish a robust and unified architecture that facilitates the integration of different TICA components bundled in a context of management information systems and business as technology enablers.

This phase included:

  • Technological Requirements of operation.
  • Design recommendations of TICA Architecture (class 4 and class 3).
  • CAPEX / OPEX estimated


  1. Management Model Design: Designing a management model that allows TICA Department of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company to organize its functions and provide timely and adequate underground TICA coverage. We considered the definition of models and / or methodologies that Management TICA Department required to address the development of structural projects while maintaining service levels in the divisions that make up the northern district of the biggest Chilean tier 1 mining company.

This phase included:

  • Process model
  • Organizational model
  • TICA Services delivery model
  • Implementation Roadmap technological components of project.
  • Relationship model
Pedro Gómez

Pedro Gómez

Partner / Project Director