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Christmas in Vantaz: A meaning party

Christmas in Vantaz is a time to stop and be with ours. With our family, but also with our co-workers, the “other family” with whom daily we share so many experiences and challenges, that’s why in Antofagasta Vantaz, Parnés and Bluefield Asset Management teams met in a party with gifts, sweets and the magic of Christmas.

That was the spirit we wanted to pass on to the SOS Villages children. Guided by Pilar Contador, Director of the Targeted Prevention Program in Antofagasta, we meet the needs of this institution which welcomes vulnerable children. Héctor Miño, Vantaz project manager who led this initiative: “The Antofagasta SOS village gave us the tremendous opportunity to contribute with gifts, to the happiness of the children of their social programs. Thanks to this activity we made new friends and start thinking about the possibility of carrying out other actions.”

In parallel Vantaz, Parnés and Bluefield Asset Management teams committed themselves with the traditional Chilean Post Office campaign, fulfilling the dreams of the kids who send letters to Father Christmas with their wishes. With gifts, we also deliver boxes with food to their families.

With the joy of sharing, we closed our activities this year, hoping that 2019 bring us achievements and hundreds of those little details that make life great.