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Document management, purchasing and cataloging: A necessary base to operate

Ives Mouesca, partner and general manager of Parnés, Vantaz spinoff, refers to the relevance of support processes, such as document management among others, to increase productivity in the industry.

In times when mining is focused on reducing costs and increasing productivity, all actions add. For years, issues as document management, purchasing and cataloging were unnoticed and all the efforts were focused in developing the business. The effects of being poorly managed or not being operated at full capacity can complicate cost control and access to data and information.

The good news is that with some adjustments, processes in these areas can generate immediate availability and traceability, producing optimization and guarantee the operational continuity. This is considering the importance that support areas have for the operation of any Company.

Ives Mouesca, partner and general manager of Parnés, spin off of Vantaz, Consultant Company that since 2003 has being developing services and technology solutions for mining and other industries, knows that the improvements have concrete results.

Many of the developments that they introduce are the result of clients’ needs which were identified during the consultation process: “The experience we have gained in the mining industry, its particular requirements, as well as their security demands and operational continuity, allows us to identify problems that are common to several industries. This knowledge has allowed us to redesigned processes and generated solutions that have produced real improvements for our customers”.

For example, an efficient process to catalog materials allows the company to speak in a standardized language, reducing time dedicated to purchase, storage and management. While an effective purchase management reduces the time dedicated to compare, negotiate and receive, simplifying the process to obtain adequate prices, a key aspect if the goal is to reduce costs.

Due to strict regulations that the mining industry is facing, an optimal organization of documents facilitating the search and administration, allows professionals to focus their efforts in business development.

Today the mining industry requires higher productivity and lower costs, while security remains non-negotiable. Key factors, that adjustments and interventions made by specialized consultants as Parnés make possible.