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About Us

An integrated focus based on technical and specific knowledge of the mining industry


We differentiate ourselves through our business focus based on people. We take an integrated approach based on technical and specific knowledge of the mining industry, as well as on operational experience, allowing us to provide customised solutions to our clients.

Our team of expert consultants has a track record of more than 20 years and more than 1,000 executed projects. We value our team highly and we ensure that it is made up of professionals who share our values. With this philosophy we have managed to provide great benefits to our collaborators and clients.

We are an international group. We have offices in Australia, Peru and Chile. Our experience has allowed us to support the entrepreneurial efforts and internationalisation processes of other supplier companies in the mining industry.

Service areas

What motivates us

Our goal is to be a global consulting and technology company, of world-class excellence, and well-recognised in the mining and resources sector.

Flexible and focused on transformation

Attitudes orientated to action: “Hands on”

Communicative and participative

Committed and involved

World-class excellence in what we do.

We are responsible about our duties and commitments.

Collaboration is at the centre of the way we work.

Through innovation we differentiate ourselves

The VANTAZ team

We are a team of expert consultants, professionals from different geographic locations sharing and living the same values.

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Our partners

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Vantaz Corporate Social Responsibility provides a business vision that is vital for our sustainability and competitiveness. It blends and balances financial development with ethics, while involving people, the community and the environment in a value chain. We are aware that we are part of a greater good. We probably cannot change the world, but at least we can make a difference.