Asset Management

Our approach to proactive maintenance is to identify, understand and manage failure modes to correct defects early.


Operational Readiness

We develop technical documentation for equipment life management, planned preventive maintenance, work instructions for component replacement and list of key components. We guarantee the correct application of the strategy defined by the customer and the manufacturer from the start of operation of the new equipment.

Field support 

We eliminate or minimize language or specific knowledge barriers between software/process developers and target audiences, providing validation and field experience. We compensate for the lack of specific knowledge and/or language skills on the part of implementers, facilitating the adoption of new working standards in the field.

Equipment performance study / testing

We measure the performance of mining equipment operating parameters to inform fleet purchase or renewal decisions.

Maintenance organizational redesign

We analyze organizational structure, service levels, processes and contracts to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization of maintenance-related FTEs. We make processes more efficient and achieve the same results with fewer resources.

Audit / analysis of opportunities in operational processes 

We follow a process in the field, identify opportunities for improvement, and help implement them. We improve the way you work, reduce costs, save time, reduce errors, and improve related metrics.