Operational Excellence

We develop optimization approaches that address governance, decision making, processes and advanced data analysis.

Lines of business


 Integrated transformation management

We offer a comprehensive process for managing organizational change. From initial readiness assessment to strategy and plan design, execution, metric tracking, and change assurance, we cover every stage. Our approach ensures effective implementation and successful adaptation to new processes and organizational structures.

Learning experience management

We develop an approach based on experiential learning theory to manage the development of competencies. From needs assessment to design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of training plans, we ensure that people acquire the competencies necessary for the organizational transformation process. We improve the adoption of new behaviors and ensure an effective learning experience.

Management of competencies

We align people's talents and skills with the company's vision and goals. From designing competency portfolios to implementing competency-based assessments and development plans, we ensure that employees have the skills they need to contribute to the success of the business. We foster an aligned and effective organizational culture.

Human capital strategy

We provide consulting services to define or adapt people management strategies to emerging business needs. From redefining and analyzing workforce models to developing adaptive capabilities, we help organizations adapt to new scenarios and align people capabilities with business needs.

Workforce Trasition

We design, implement, measure and support plans that ensure the effective adaptation of the workforce to the changes of a major transformation. We mitigate the impact on people, ensure better adaptation to change, and facilitate the transition to new roles or responsibilities.

Labor relations management support (collective bargaining)

We assist in collective bargaining, both with critical suppliers and internally. From analyzing contract clauses to analyzing risks and outcomes, we ensure solid and trustworthy working relationships with both suppliers and unions.



Operating Model

We support our clients in the design and implementation of operating models that clearly define value propositions and align the organization with desired outcomes and maturity. This prepares organizations for growth and market challenges while promoting agile and results-oriented structures.

Redesign of processes and structures

We support restructuring and process optimization plans based on quantitative analysis. This enables rapid adaptation to new operational and economic scenarios, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.

Strategic Management

We design efficient management systems that facilitate performance measurement and proactive decision making. We improve process management and provide effective decision-making tools that drive organizational success.