We implement safety, health, environmental and community standards for better mining.

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Social indicators definition and control

We provide advice on the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) and retail price indexes (RPIs), as well as the development of methodologies and tools to monitor and control these indicators. This ensures that the goals and outcomes defined in our clients' social strategies are achieved, and provides the means to track and ensure compliance.

Assessment of social impacts

We develop and implement methodologies to gather information and periodically evaluate the impact the company is having in the area. This evaluation provides feedback on the fulfillment of the strategic objectives set at the beginning of the period and informs future decisions.

Managment of community complaints

We implement industry best practice frameworks and methodologies to capture and resolve community complaints. This facilitates community service by managing information and registered cases in a standardized manner.

Social commitments management

We design and implement methodologies to monitor the implementation of programs and initiatives in the field and evaluate the degree of compliance with the commitments made. This approach facilitates the management of social commitments by monitoring and evaluating the performance of initiatives aimed at benefiting communities.



Risk Management

We focus on risk identification, analysis and assessment, defining processes and products to identify associated risks, causes and effects. We perform probability and impact analysis, assessing the level of severity and business impact (BIA). We implement treatments and controls, evaluating costs and benefits to define risk treatment and develop risk mitigation plans and critical controls. In addition, we provide monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of control effectiveness, as well as follow-up on control

Business Continuity

We develop contingency scenarios and assess critical risks, identifying and evaluating their business impact (BIA). We create continuity plans for alternative operations and recovery, assessing the costs and benefits of continuity alternatives or enhancements to the current situation. We define governance and crisis management, along with testing, maintenance, training, and dissemination plans. Benefits include ensuring continuity of operations, ensuring resumption of critical processes, and minimizing decision making in the event of a disaster.

Management model and systems

We define risk management models appropriate for each organization, along with internal risk management documents. We implement processes and systems, evaluate system alternatives appropriate to the management model, and manage projects and changes in implementation. The benefits are the installation of an appropriate process in each organization, the organization of risk management, the integration of this function in the organization and the appropriate incorporation of technological support tools.



Environmental management model

We develop and/or implement an environmental management model adapted to the current or future state of the mining company, with four main areas of work or "pillars": Leadership, Reporting, Operational and Regulatory Risks, and Climate Change. Benefits include consolidation of environmental management issues in a successor model, standardization of practices and procedures among companies in the same group, and visibility of environmental management.

Approval and compliance management model

We design and/or implement a permitting and compliance management model within an organization, including procedures, document management, and permitting process follow-up. We administratively manage the cycle of obligations derived from environmental or sectoral permits, define verifiers and follow up on verification. Benefits include clarifying the flow of information and responsibilities in the permitting process, managing and disposing of related documentation, organizing the inspection process, and streamlining procedures with the support of a dedicated team.

International Certifications 

We advise on the process of obtaining and implementing international certifications and monitor compliance with standards (e.g. Copper Mark, IRMA, ICMM, etc.). Benefits include maintaining a consolidated work plan, visibility of internal man-hours required, and improved coordination and execution times.



Risk and control management training

Management of critical control treatment

Improved management of information collection and processing

Integrate contractors into risk and control management

Management of critical occupational health events