We are Vantaz Group, the best team in the strategic and technological transformation of the mining industry in the world.

Vantaz Culture


We understand the demands and pressures faced by our clients and take our responsibilities seriously to delivery quality, cost effective and timely outcomes.


Our clients operating in a dynamic environment so we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible to the changing needs while staying focussed on the overaching transformation goals.

Hands on

We're motivated to make a difference for our customers and take an action-oriented and hands-on approach to everything we do.

Communicative and participative

We believe in having transparent lines of communication to maximise participation and thereby derive the maximum possible value from our teams.

Committed and involved

We care about the our people and the mining industry more broadly. We are committed to being an active partner in the industry and to driving ongoing change for the better.


We take care of every detail, look for the best market information, and we produce world-class work.


Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We use our collaborative approach to enrich our proposals and ideas, to save time and achieve great results through synergistic efforts.


Innovation is our way to make a difference. It is part of our nature to be at the forefront of trends, to be innovative in what we do, and to actively participate in the creation of new technologies and trends.