Pillars of

We are aware that we are part of a greater whole, we want a better world and we can make a difference.


"Compliance" goes beyond adherence to norms and standards; it is about building a culture rooted in Corporate Integrity and Ethics.

Our Corporate Due Diligence process addresses the actual and potential negative impacts of our activities.

We understand that "Culture" has another meaning, being the base from which we build ourselves, and being inserted in the heart of all our practices.

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, we seek healthy work environments to positively impact society.

Part of the Vantaz DNA is the spirit of community support, today we orient our actions based on the SDGs.

At Vantaz we seek to promote a culture of sustainability based on a Human Rights approach.

Donation of time and expertise to organizations and entrepreneurs whose goals are aligned with our mission to improve mining and contribute to the progress of society.