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Services Areas

An integrated focus based on technical and specific knowledge of the mining industry


Throughout our 20-year track record we have executed more than 1,000 projects with different companies in the mining industry. In all of these our objective has been to offer solutions including Design, Implementation and Operational Support.

We have five service lines, which themselves subdivide into other more specific areas. Their execution and effectiveness are shown in the case studies.

parallax background


Productivity requires a global perspective of the company, an understanding of the context of the business, and validation of the alignment between actions and the results obtained. To achieve this, at Vantaz our focus is on optimisation and improvement in order to address aspects such as governance and decision-taking, processes and results, effectiveness of organisational structures, technology, asset management, supply chain and optimisation of the portfolio of capital projects. These elements allow us to develop integrated solutions for dealing with challenging scenarios and problems with an impact on productivity within a company.

We maximise the capacities of a company to achieve expedited governance, light and agile processes, and effective organisational structures aligned with strategic objectives.

Organisational effectiveness
Improvement of processes
Supply chain
Investment projects

IT / OT Technology

We seek to transform our client companies, in highly automated, integrated and digitalised operations, through projects that go from strategic and logical architecture, foundational technology infrastructure, and integration with operational processes, to the technical implementation of various solutions and components.

OT – IT Architecture
Transformation and integration
Control and quality assurance
Technical management of projects and programs


Mining companies require formidable efforts in the management of their health and safety risks, as well as their social-environmental risks. We develop and implement strategies and models that have been proven in the mining market and that result in “zero harm” in health and safety, as well as providing maximum foresight and control of their environmental commitments. We also provide mitigating and other solutions that promote the development of the communities in which they are inserted.

We do this by arranging strategy workshops and implementing management models through different programs and projects, and by organising their follow-up and reporting.

Health and safety

Management of Change

The adoption of technologies and the digitalisation of mining processes requires extensive work with leaders and all those who work at a distance or in the field. To improve the adoption of technological change we start by analysing the internal willingness and the organisational maturity in the face of potential change, we design strategies and we educate team members to deal with these.

We link the changes to the permanent processes of the companies. Through permanent monitoring and evaluation of lessons learnt, we ensure that the changes are sustainable over time.

Evaluation of stakeholder performance
Training strategies
Communications strategy and execution
Monitoring of changes and lessons learn

VEM / Energy Materials

The exploration and exploitation of energetic metals, including lithium and cobalt, are presently lagging behind other minerals, even though demand could increase as electromobility becomes a real alternative to the internal combustion engine for mitigating the effects of global warming.

In this scenario and given the need to provide consolidated empirical knowledge and viable new technological processes that allow the sustainable and sustained exploitation of these resources, we have developed a consulting service addressing all the stages of this kind of project.

The service includes the analysis of market intelligence to determine which products will be demanded by the market in the future and an integrated technical evaluation of the resource/reserve. It also includes an analysis of the appropriate regulations, the identification and mitigation of risks for the development stage, and the process definition/testing that allows all environmental, final product quality, efficiency, cost and other expectations to be satisfied.

With the support of our strategic European partners (suppliers of technology and services), we have the capacity to assist in all aspects, including the definition of the project and all strategies associated with the design & engineering, construction, start-up and operational phases. At each stage we ensure that we develop coherent solutions appropriate for the needs and challenges of each project.