The route to entrepreneurship in mining

Based on a study of 100 entrepreneurships, Vantaz and Endeavor Chile have launched a book providing an in-depth look at entrepreneurial companies in the Chilean mining industry, the type of innovation they are involved in, the level of their investments, the participation of women, the business life cycle, and the level of technology used.

The publication, launched as part of the Expande program, gives a constructive overview of the industry’s challenges, needs and opportunities. Among the principal findings, according to Ricardo Morgado, Director of Strategy and Development for Expande, is the need to bring the world of entrepreneurship closer to the requirements of the mining sector, since today there is a significant gap between what is developed and company expectations.

According to the study, “only 30% of those surveyed say that they work in technological areas at the forefront of innovation, mainly related to the Internet of Things, robotics and drones, while for large mining companies the principal technologies to be incorporated into their businesses are Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics and drones. This information highlights the gaps to be filled, the needs to be covered, and where progress is required.

Mauro Mezzano, founding partner of Vantaz, underlined the importance and need for other industries to participate actively in the mining sector: “They have a lot to contribute. Collaboration is fundamental, as is lowering the barrier of mistrust. We need to emphasise the value of creating initiatives and opportunities to promote relationships and connections between different players.”

Download the article , here.