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Update on 2016 events

RSE = Corporate Social Responsibility
Medio Ambiente = Environment
Integridad = Integrity
Comunidad = Community

Vantaz has an important responsibility to support social development and leave a positive footprint in each country where our team members have had the opportunity to work and live. We all share a solidary spirit and want to contribute the best way possible.

We created our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to organise all our ideas and initiatives. The first task the committee had was to identify the elements we wanted to develop in Vantaz from a Corporate Social responsibility aspect. This gave us the guidelines for our team activities. It is very important to point out that all Vantaz activities in the frame of CSR are done “on the ground” with active participation from everyone in the company. We want everyone to participate and understand the impact of their support and help, not only financially but socially and emotionally.

Some of the activities we worked on during 2016 are:


In our offices we are implementing actions to achieve better energetic efficiency, recollection and classification of residuals for recycling, minimizing the amount of prints and waste of paper. To go the extra mile we have worked on campaigns to educate our community and our Vantazticos so that they can apply these actions in the office but also at home. We have participated in family groups cleaning public areas (hills, etc).


This is one of the vital elements in Vantaz. We consider it part of our culture and it has to be reflected in everything we do as a team, with our leaders, with our families and with our clients. We have open channels of communication where everybody can present their ideas, suggestions, and comments. Our feedback model is defined in a way that it encourages collaboration, including constructive ways to improve our Vantazticos as a team and individuals. Important values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility and rectitude have to be part of our day to day and the partners consider themselves as the main ambassadors for this culture. During each year we conduct different activities to create open channels of discussion and planning so that everyone can participate.


Here are some examples of activities we do in this space:

  • Vantaz supports and sponsors a home for foster children that live there because they can’t live with their parents (legally have been assigned to foster house) or they are orphan – “Hogar de Cristo”.
  • We collaborate with the LATE project where we order purified water, toilet paper and paper tissue rolls. This Chilean company donates 100% of their profit to charity.
  • We collaborate with the Recycling campaign of San Jose Adoption Foundation by donating waste paper.
  • Each year we donate money we haven’t used in training to Social Scholarships.
  • We participate in MI PARQUE (“My Park”), a Chilean foundation. Their mission is to create communities by recovering utilization of green areas in the most needed neighbourhoods. In 2013 we participated actively in the creation of a square and this year we are trying to be part of a project with educational green areas in schools.
  • In Australia (Brisbane) our team participates every quarter in the activities promoted by with VAKS (Vans and Kitchen) to help provide food for homeless people.