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Within our Studies team, we have a wide range of services, led by market research specialists, who draw attention to insights and data, which enable our customers to make informed decisions, considering demand, prices, benchmarks, and trends. Over the past 10 years, we have produced more than 50 studies across a range of areas including supply chain, projects, people, environment, and sustainability.

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    Ongoing Intelligence

    With our Ongoing Intelligence service we want to support our clients on a day-to-day basis with the provision of insightful information and analysis regarding prices, costs and new trends.

    Live study

    This is ongoing assistance with constant communication between both parties, when a customer needs industry information, including market analysis, trends, and benchmarking. Easy and direct access to information and analyses, without the need for large-scale studies.

    This is a joint effort, where strategic issues are defined and are addressed in regularly scheduled meetings, and if a more in-depth study is required with greater dedication from the Vantaz team, it will be considered a separate study.

    Polynomial of mining costs

    Bi-monthly index of the evolution of the main components of the mining OPEX and CAPEX in Chile.

    Trend studies

    We analyse issues of interest to the community, adding value to the discussion of critical issues for mining.

    Some examples of studies:

    Women in Mining

    A study that measures the perceptions of professional women and men on the participation and development of women in the mining industry and assessment of practices that companies have implemented.

    This study aims to compare the perceptions of professional women and men (in engineering) on the participation and development of women in the mining industry.

    A descriptive study developed through an online questionnaire. The link to the questionnaire was distributed through email to the following databases:

    • Professional women partners and associates of RIM.
    • Civil engineering in mines alumni centre at Universidad de Chile.

    3rd Study of “Women in Mining” (VANTAZ), which in its current version (2020) for the first time includes a sample of professional male engineers.

    Our challenge for upcoming studies is to achieve a greater participation of men, because we firmly believe that a comprehensive and complementary approach will enable us to build an industry with gender equity.

    Different dimensions were assessed, including motivation, job equity, job satisfaction, professional growth and development, effectiveness of organisational practices, leadership commitment, changes, and consequences of the increase of female participation in the mining industry, and challenges in the mining industry. The questionnaire also asked about the size and type of companies surveyed and the position of the respondent.

    Mining Indications

    Study undertaken in conjunction with the Centre for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO). This corresponds to the preparation of an index of expectations in mining to identify the short-term and medium-term industry perspectives and follow up on these over time.

    The study aims to collect information on the primary dimensions or variables that influence the development and growth of the sector from the perception of its representatives. The value of knowing expectations lies in the relevant and contingent public information, from direct experience in the local environment.

    In this case, the survey pool included Chile, Peru, China, and other countries, with a total of 168 people surveyed. The study will be undertaken on a twice-yearly basis to analyse the evolution of industry expectations over time.

    The research conducted corresponds to a descriptive study, which it aims to identify the perceptions and expectations that executives and representatives of mining in Chile and the rest of the world have about this activity.

    In this case, the instrument was an online questionnaire with a total of 13 questions. Of these 13 questions, 5 were on demographic data: Country of residence, type of company, size of mining company, name of mining company, size of company, and type of company for mining suppliers and position.

    Collective bargaining processes

    Study designed to analyse bargaining processes that have been undertaken over the past year and assess the economic impact of bargaining agreements in the mining industry.

    We began to follow collective bargaining processes in mining companies in 2018, thereby researching the annual situation with existing unions in different mines across the nation.

    In 2020, there were 24 cases of collective bargaining, of which we only obtained information about 15. Due to the pandemic, a large part of the negotiations was anticipated, and when compared to 2019, there was an increase in participation in early collective bargaining processes and a reduction in formal bargaining.

    Likewise, salary adjustments after each bargaining process were analysed, along with other benefits granted by companies to unions.

    Mining Districts

    A study designed to compare cities around the world whose development has been tied to the mining industry, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

    The aim is to develop an index that compares cities whose growth and development has gone hand in hand with the development of mining activity. The study aims to show how attractive cities can be in attracting people, capital, and companies from different parts of the world, and to understand how mining companies have contributed to the development of these cities.

    To begin this research, the study chose to focus on the most renowned mining cities around the world in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, and others.

    Economic and demographic variables are analysed, including income and expenses, industry, employment, and others (such as taxes, foreign investment, mine exports, etc.), as well as variables such as population, environment, infrastructure, etc.

    Specialised Studies

    Over the past 10 years, we have produced more than 50 studies across a range of areas including supply chain, projects, people, environment, and sustainability.


    With our specialised studies, we conduct market and benchmark analysis that delve deep into the fundamentals of the market and trends for mining supplies.

    With support from our offices in Chile, Peru, and Australia, we can address industry issues from a global perspective with specific knowledge of the particularities of each of the markets.

    Examples of studies conducted: Exploration benchmark studies, market research on mining supplies (components of CAPEX and OPEX), mining supplier studies, analysis of the environment, fuel market study in Peru, and others.

    Fuel Market Study

    Fuel is a critical supply in the copper production cost matrix, and therefore, a comprehension of the market from a perspective of contracts and business intelligence is a key factor that supports optimum planning in purchase processes and the conditions that are negotiated.

    It offers an analysis of the existing types of contracts, trends, and industry benchmark analyses.

    Research is conducted on the context, price evolution, and relevant data on the diverse types of fuel, to analyse what has influenced the behaviour of these commodities over time, as well as projections and opinions.

    Explorations Benchmark Report

    This report aims to provide the company with a global vision of the exploration sector, identifying common practices and diverse terms.

    For example, when companies pay for different factors such as drilling, explosions, mines, food, and equipment. Also, different performance in projects and areas, internal and external staff, and facilities in mines.

    The methodology followed includes data development and collection, identification and compilation of the companies that will be analysed, followed by assessment and analysis of data, which will then be interpreted clearly.

    ProChile Project, Softlanding in Australia

    This study aimed to undertake coordination, business management, networking, tailored work, research into relevant information for development and scalability for 6 Chilean companies in the subsector of suppliers of goods and services for mining, with technological development and innovation as part of their offer. This made it possible to begin the internationalisation process in Australia. The study also engaged in direct contact with Australian companies and began business conversations.

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