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Medgate and Toresa, the new allies of Vantaz group

In order to give more tools to their customers, this 2014 Vantaz Group sealed two strategic alliances that look for delivering first class products for the management of Occupational Safety and Health, and Sustainability.

One of these new partners is Medgate software, which offers a complete set of tools for handling Occupational Health and Safety data. The software is designed so that the customers can benefit from all its functionality and features in a fast, reliable and secure environment. Medgate has an intuitive navigation set-up and provides strict information security and data protection.

Another new alliance is the one that Vantaz Group made with Toresa, a platform which allows the costumers manage environmental and social information generated in projects and operations, including the data from third parties like  laboratories, external consultants or authorities. The new version of the software, Toresa IV, is focused in reducing the risk of loss, duplication and mishandling of information, providing a functional structure to standardize the following processes: reporting, consultation, supervision, monitoring and enforcement in environmental, legal and social issues.

With these two new strategic alliances, Vantaz Group can provide a complete offer to those customers concerned about hiring a service that helps managing SSO and / or Sustainability.