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MSHA approved portable gas detection solution for mine refuge chambers

Industrial Scientific has launched the MX6 Refuge Chamber Kit – the first MSHA-approved portable gas detection solution for the monitoring of gases in mine refuge chambers.

Industrial Scientific, a leading U.S. provider of gas detection monitoring systems, has announced the availability of the MX6 Refuge Chamber Kit for use in monitoring hazardous gases inside and outside of mine refuge chambers during emergency situations. This is the first portable gas detection solution for use in refuge chambers that is approved by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in accordance with the new chamber regulations as specified in Part 7 of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations.

Included in the kit are two MX6 iBrid multi-gas detectors with safety orange faceplates, one with a pump and one without, in addition to instrument accessories. To ensure continuous monitoring of the chamber for up to 96 hours, also included in the kit is an application-specific instruction manual, spare batteries, spare pump filters, exhaust fittings and sample tubing.

“The MX6 is a proven instrument that is familiar to miners across the U.S.,” said Scott Jubeck, global product manager of multi-gas solutions. “Industrial Scientific is pleased to deliver the first gas detection solution for refuge chambers that will aid in keeping miners safe from hazardous gas levels when immediate escape from a mine is not possible.”