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The Route of Mining Entrepreneurship

A study over 100 ventures is the basis of a Vantaz and Endeavor Chile book that is also a deep x-ray to the mining entrepreneurs in Chile, the type of innovation they perform, their level of investment, the female participation, the life cycle of the business and the level of technology used by them.

The publication, elaborated within the framework of the Expande program, provides a constructive look at the challenges, needs, and opportunities of the sector.

Among the main findings, according to Ricardo Morgado, director of Strategy and Development of Expande, is the need to bring the world of entrepreneurship closer to the needs of the mining, since today there is an important gap between what is developed and the Companies expectations.

According to the study, “30% of survey respondents subscribe technological trends, mainly on the Internet of Things, robots and drones, while for mining companies Big Data, artificial intelligence, robots, and drones are the main technologies that could be incorporated into the business. ” A fact that realizes that there are spaces and needs to cover and continue growing.

Mauro Mezzano, founding partner of Vantaz, highlights the importance that other industries participate more actively in mining: “They have a lot to deliver. In this sense, is fundamental to collaborate and lower the mistrust barriers”, highlighting the value of creating initiatives and spaces that promote the bonding and connection between different actors.

Download the publication, here.