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Vantaz becomes stronger in Peru, with the arrival of Carlos Lobatón Lira

Globalization is one of Vantaz trademarks. With the challenge of being a company of global niche providing services to the mining sector, the consulting company has grown and it is currently present in Chile, Australia, Peru, and the United States. However, growing also means to strengthen positions, and the challenge for 2018 is to consolidate its presence in Peru.

A mining country, great producer of copper, poly-metallics, as well as gold and silver. Vantaz has developed several projects in this country, to the point where in early 2016 it formally opened an office in Lima, with Cristian Echeñique as its business director.  Shortly after, the opportunities and possibilities of generating new businesses led Vantaz to including Carlos Lobatón Lira to the team, as Partner and Country Manager in Vantaz Peru.

Industrial Engineer from the University of Lima, with a Diploma in Supply Chain from ESAN, Peru; Diploma from the Advanced Management Program for Senior Executives in the Catholic University of Chile and one in Business Management from the Adolfo Ibáñez University, also from Chile. Carlos has been in positions of responsibility for over 20 years, in areas such as supply & logistics, administration and expert consulting in leading business in Peru and other countries in South America, in the manufacturing and mining sectors. A solid experience that allows him to provide the opinion and expertise of a Senior executive to Vantaz Peru.

Mauro Mezzano, CEO and founding partner of Vantaz, adds: “Besides his great professional experience, Carlos was the strategic supply regional manager for BHP South America, based in Chile; therefore, he knows this market pretty well, which will undoubtedly make it easier for him to transfer his knowledge and direct the business in several directions.” In addition to his experience in BHP, there are also management positions in other multinational companies, such as Barrick Gold South America, where he was responsible for the supply chain and the region operations, and manager of Procurement  & Logístics at Antamina Mine.

According to Carlos, “Vantaz has several competitive advantages in Peru. It has carried out projects and has agreements with large companies, such as their global framework contract with BHP. In general, mining in Peru is a traditional sector that prefers to hire referred services, and Chile is a very good cover letter. They are a respected country in the mining industry and it is usual that Chilean professionals come to Peru to participate in the development and construction of Greenfield projects”.

Skills are added

Besides globalization, another strategic focus Vantaz has developed is specialization, and the arrival of Carlos Lobaton Lira is an addition to the offer of services in mining supply and logistics: “Despite executing projects in supply chain and logistic in commercial operation mines, as well as for construction projects for Greenfield and Brownfield mining, we did not have any other professional with Carlos’ experience in the team. His arrival nurtures Vantaz with a very powerful specific weight”, adds Mezzano.

For a long time, the area of supply and logistics was rather inside the companies’ organization chart with the main function of regulating purchases from each department. However, since Enron’s downfall in 2001 and the later demand to apply the SOX Act in the United States and other similar regulations in Europe and the world, roles within companies began to segregate, which brought the need to strengthen supply chains supporting purchases and tendering processes.

Along with establishing a better order and internal control, supply & logistic management also impacts the companies’ results: “When these functions are centralized it is possible to reduce costs, thus having direct impact in financial results. In several of the best mining companies around the world, around 70 to 90 percent of the annual budget goes through the supply chain management. Though it is true that this budget does not belong to the area, it is the one in charge of maximizing it, which is why it is considered part of the companies’ core business.”

An expertise that adds to the services Vantaz is offering, and with strongly in Peru, starting in 2018.


Carlos Lobaton Lira, Partner and Country Manager Vantaz Peru