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Vantaz Group: Committed with the internationalization of Chilean entrepreneurs

In collaboration with ProChile, Vantaz Group carried out its fourth mission to Australia in which they coordinated and led the agenda for seven Chilean companies. This was held in the IMARC 2019 framework, one of the most relevant fairs for the mining sector which took place in October last week.

During the recent IMARC 2019, international conference which gathers world mining sector leaders around technology, finance, and the future, Vantaz Group participated in an international forum about the Latin America industry and coordinated an intense meeting agenda for a Chilean supplier delegation to support their internationalization.

“The Australian mining industry has a high standard and it is very competitive. It’s very attractive and demanding,” says Mauro Mezzano, member of Vantaz Group, who participated in a discussion panel with the Colombian Mining Association president, Juan Camilo Nariño; the commerce and investments of the Government of Victoria manager, Pablo Schatz; and the executive director of Austmine, Christine Gibss.

What is the mission you led for the Chilean entrepreneurs about?

ProChile asked us to organize, in parallel to IMARC, a meeting agenda for seven Chilean companies with similar Australian suppliers and one-to-one meetings with potential Australian partners, in order to support their path to internationalization.

What is for you the highlight of this experience?

This is our fourth mission to Australia. We have taken 50 companies and this time we managed very good meetings with recognized companies in the Australian mining sector, which showed themselves very interested in the Chilean ones.

How is the Chile situation comparing to Australia?

In Chile we are fine, but certainly, Australians have an advantage. They have more international contacts, market, and possibilities to climb. In Chile, we have good suppliers and technology, but we go out into the world.

Which is the main challenge for a national entrepreneur who wants to grow outside the country?

Believe in them. There are four keys to enter to the Australian market: have a well-differentiated product; have a strategic plan which an accurate price and cost study; find a partner with shared values ​​and an established local network; and finally, that the leaders and/or owners of the company get involved in the process.


The path to the foreign market

For the ProChile national director, Carolina Vásquez, the purpose of this initiative is to support national companies and contribute to their positioning. “Chilean mining suppliers for mining offer competitive solutions very appreciated in a market like the Australian. We hope that the relations established within the framework of this fair prosper and become new and better businesses for our companies and development for the country.”

Hrvoj Hrzic, Tectramin director, added: “This is an opportunity to learn more about the market and the way to do business in Australia, how to settle there, find a partner, introduce the tax and legal system, know more about the support systems they have for the foreign mining supplier and expand the network with other mining companies. It’s an instance of new business possibilities.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Castillo, manager of High Law Corporation, highlighted the mission agenda: “The companies had a good network and spaces for questions. This helps to speed up and set up the internationalize decision, plan, and operation.”