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Vantaz Research: A new scenario for collective negotiation

The Chilean industry still remembers the 2017 strike that affected Minera Escondida. The conflict, that last 43 days, meant millions in losses for BHP and impact negatively the national economy. However, since then, the collectives negotiation has changed. Now the processes are being carried out in advance and, on average, the bonus is smaller than the usual numbers.

According to the study carried out by Vantaz, the bonus paid by the main groups decrease by 45% in relation to previous processes. The consultancy attributes this difference to the copper price cycles, as well as the reduction from 48 to 36 months of the negotiation terms.

However, for Vantaz the key factor that explain the change is the new relationship that companies are establishing with their collaborators. Today they anticipate the dialogue tables and upgrade the “Noble Benefits” which means scholarships, housing, and labor flexibility.

For Juan Cariamo, Vantaz’s partner, the study show a more realistic view of the industry: “The negotiation term bonus was a sweet attraction for workers, but unfortunately they are punctual liquidity that doesn´t assure workers future expenses, that´s why the benefits are more interest “.


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