We are a group of global companies, with a presence in Chile, Peru and Australia, offering an integrated value proposition to the mining industry.

With a solid track record, Vantaz offers five service areas, with specific product lines. These areas are Productivity, Technology, Sustainability, Management of Change and VEM / Energy Materials.

Parnés, another group company, is focused on providing solutions and processes through specialised outsourcing and has managed more than a million documents over ten years. Parnés has also now moved into community management.

The most recent member of the Vantaz Group is Bluefield. Launched in Australia and now in Latin America, the company has an asset management model designed to achieve full understanding of the clients’ businesses in order to provide them with installed capacity.

Three companies, one group, with a focus on mining.


  • Joaquín Villarino
    We all make up the mining industry. And we should all make our best efforts for this activity to contribute to the country and the families who are part of the industry. I value the success achieved and efforts made by the Vantaz team over the last 20 years, particularly with their contribution to the broadening vision of our sector.
    Joaquín Villarino
    President, Consejo Minero, Chile.
  • Felipe Celedón Mardones
    I believe that the mining industry has a tremendous opportunity to continue as a leading player in the requirements for our society. Professionals like those from Vantaz Group with their constant support for mining entrepreneurship and the internationalisation of industry suppliers are without doubt a great help and make all the difference.
    Felipe Celedón Mardones
    General Manager, Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Chile.
  • Alejandra Wood
    The fact that they started up in Australia more than ten years ago is a clear example of what Vantaz represents: a pioneering company. It is good for the local mining industry to be open to what is going on in the world. The Vantaz team have opened this up to us.
    Alejandra Wood
    Executive Director, CESCO, Chile.
  • Vantaz has the necessary expertise to lead an internationalisation strategy for suppliers of materials and services to the mining industry.
    José Manuel Correa
    Manager, Endeavor Atacama, Chile.
  • Thanks to Vantaz we were able to start work in known territory. With this support, we have been able to progress towards getting to Australia.
    Rolando Carmona
    CEO Drillco, Chile
  • Manager
    The Vantaz culture is easy to recognise. They make sure that everything works very professionally, but they enjoy and have fun during the process.
    Top-Tier Mining Company, WA, Australia
  • Projec Leader
    I am happy with the focus chosen in terms of OCM and communications, and with how this all fitted in with the project process.
    Projec Leader
    Service Company, WA, Australia
  • Leader of Governance
    The result we got bears witness to the notable team members, hard work and full commitment.
    Leader of Governance
    Top-Tier Mining Company, QLD, Australia
  • IT Manager
    The great value of Vantaz is its flexible and dynamic team. Compared to other consultants, Vantaz works as part of our own team.
    IT Manager
    Top-Tier Mining Company, QLD, Australia
  • The Vantaz team worked with great professionalism and with a human touch. This facilitated not only relationships and technical aspects, but also the quality of the products.
    Aldo Siri F
    , HR Director, Komatsu Cummins Chile Ltda.


We are concerned about what happens in the mining industry. We follow events and we take part in industry activities by doing studies, giving opinions and generating news.


Vantaz Group: Committed to the internationalisation of entrepreneurial companies

Dentro de las varias actividades organizadas por la Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Austrade, METS Ignited AustraliaLTD y Fundación Chile, Michael Beilby, cofundador y director comercial de Minnovare, y Simon Bruce, fundador y jefe técnico de StabilCo NSW Pty y Ltd, se reunieron con Mauro Mezzano, socio fundador de Vantaz.

The route to entrepreneurship in mining

A partir de un estudio a 100 emprendimientos Vantaz y Endeavor Chile lanzaron un libro que resulta ser una profunda radiografía sobre los emprendedores mineros en Chile, el tipo de innovación que realizan, su nivel de inversión, la participación femenina, el ciclo de vida del negocio y nivel de tecnología utilizado por ellos.

Profile of women in mining

Por segundo año consecutivo, Vantaz y la agrupación gremial Women in Mining (WIM) Chile elaboraron el Perfil de la Mujer en Minería para conocer la realidad de ellas en la industria y cómo potenciar su participación en el rubro.